For The Artist

There's a special place for artists at the studio.

We offer you creative space where we can develop your artwork with the help of professionals in different fields from lyrics and songwriting to full musical composing and arranging.

When pre-production is done we head to the studio where we record, edit, mix and master your song or album.

The bigger the team – the better! We love to collaborate with different studios and that’s a case with some of our clients. Depending on the project different engineers and artists from around the world give a little of themselves in a number of our projects.

Rinkoff Studio is part of AVA – Art Vox Accosiation. An organisation that helps artists in cases of creative rights infringement. AVA also loves supporting new artists.

Members of the Association have exclusive access to the studio and production capacity of our team. Become a member today by visiting the submission page

We work with artists on a daily basis and we would gladly work with you. Our studio serves as an amplifier to your feelings and emotions expressed through music. Let your voice be heard.


Are you a self-producing artist?

It’s hard for every single artists out there but there’s a special place in our hearts for self-producing artists. If you’re one don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re open for collaborations. During the years we’ve worked with underground labels and producers covering broadly ranging genres.

We’re always in search of new talents. If you’re a singer, lyricist, songwriter, composer or beatmaker – contact us with a link to your portfolio. We might have something for you.
We’re looking forward to the next talented person we’ll have the pleasure to work with!

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