Studio Terms of Use

1. Booking the studio

After you have contacted us we’ll get to you shortly to arrange a meeting and discuss your ideas.
– Bookings are accepted at least a week in advance.
– A standard contract will be sent to you (if one wasn’t already signed).
– The studio can be booked for a minimum of two (2) hours.
– 50% of the cost should be prepaid at least 3 days before the booked session.
– You can cancel a booking 3 days before the session without penalties.
– If you cancel a booking in less than 3 days before the booked session you owe the studio for the booked hours.

2. Using the studio
and lounge

– You’ll be expected 15 to 30 minutes before your booked session.
– You can eat, drink, smoke and chill in the lounge.
– In the studio we bring in only water.
– During production only authorized personnel is allowed in the studio. Guests wait in the lounge.
– Phones are left in the lounge.

3. Technical expectations

– If you bring audio files please make sure they are 16 bit / 24 bit WAV files. Anything less would have impact on the overall audio quality.
– You can send files via e-mail to , via a flash drive before your session or by using our special panel on the website (our clients have access to their panels).
– Ready production is sent to the clients e-mail, uploaded in our panel or uploaded to a flashdrive.

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